Highlight: Coral County Comic

Here we would like to highlight the educational collaborative comics by artist Brianna E. Leahy & scientists Rebecca Vega Thurber & Ryan McMinds of the Vega Thurber Laboratory. Much of Bri's artwork is featured in this website!

The 'Coral County' web comic series strives to introduce and expand marine science knowledge to a wide audience, with the hope to inspire young people to take interest in ocean health and marine science! Our mini-series takes readers into the ocean and follows a cast of marine creatures as they learn together about important topics in marine science and ocean health.

Each topic presented in the comic is directly correlated with current research conducted by the Vega Thurber Laboratory at Oregon State University. To share their laboratory's current research with a greater public audience, Dr. Rebecca Vega Thurber and PHD Student Ryan McMinds worked together with artist Brianna E. Leahy to create 'Coral County'! Every step of the way, scientist & artist worked together to give you an accurate representation of research topics being explored in the world's oceans today.

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